Portugal, Algarve

Integrative Wisdom

50hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Trauma-Informed Practices and Sound Healing Frequencies

20-26 October 2024

Integrative Wisdom is a pioneering, practical, 50 hours training that fuses advanced yoga practices, trauma sensitivity and the transformative energy of sound.

We believe in the profound synergy that arises when ancient yogic wisdom, trauma-informed practices and the vibrational healing of sound come together.

Embark on a unique journey of self-healing and learn how you can integrate and offer this beautiful synergy in your own yoga classes.

Open to all certified yoga teachers with 200 hours of training.

No prior trauma or sound healing knowledge necessary.

Only 21 spots available.

What you will learn

Advanced Yoga Practices

  • Explore advanced asanas and sequences. 
  • Experience the subtleties of pranayama and learn how to use breath as a tool for self-regulation and healing.
  • Learn how to create inclusive and trauma-sensitive yoga spaces.

Trauma-Informed Practices

  • Learn about the impact of trauma on the body and mind.
  • Learn trauma-sensitive language, cues, and adjustments to create a safe and supportive environment for all practitioners.
  • Understand the intersection of trauma and yoga, fostering resilience and empowerment.

Sound Healing Frequencies

  • Experience the therapeutic vibrations of sound, exploring the use of singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments. 
  • Learn the science behind sound healing and its profound effects on the nervous system.
  • Learn how to play sound healing instruments and how to integrate sound healing into your classes and own personal practice.

A typical day

07:30 - 08:30 Morning Practice (Pranayama / Meditation)

08:30 - 09:00 Light Breakfast

09:00 - 10:30 Asana Practice

10:30 - 10:45 Little break

10:45 - 12:45 Lecture

13:00 - 15:00 Lunch & Free Time

15:00 - 17:00 Asana Clinic I

17:00 - 18:00 Lecture

18:30 - 19:30 Dinner

20:30 - 22:00 Yin Yoga / Sound Journey

Please note that minor schedules changes are possible.

Highlights - What's included

- 50 hours practical in-person training in English (the teachers also speak German)

- Accommodation

- Delicious food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

- Airport shuttle

- Certificate, upon completion

Optional extras

- Deep Tissue Massage (€65/h, bookable on site)

- 1:1 sound healing session (€55/h, bookable onsite)

Airport Shuttle

7 April: 12:30-13:30 from Faro airport or Faro train station

13 April: 13:30 to Faro airport or Faro train station

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in: 20 October, 13:30-14:30

Check-out: 26 October, 13:30

Training Investment


Alumni discount: Are you a (former) student of Gitta?
Then save an additional €55 upon booking. If you qualify for this, please reach out to Gitta or info@quintaalgarve.com, to activate this special discount.

Private room

in main house

  • private bedroom (1 person)
  • private bathroom (1 person)

1 person -
until 29 Feb
early bird: 1795

1 person -
from 1 March: €1895

Shared double

in main house

  • shared bedroom (1-2 people)
  • shared bathroom (1-2 people)

1 person -
until 29 Feb
early bird: 1560

1 person -
from 1 March: €1660

Shared pool house

with pool view

  • shared bedroom (1-3 people)
  • shared bathroom (1-3 people)

1 person -
until 29 Feb
early bird: 1575

1 person -
from 1 March: €1675

Shared maisonette

with pool view

  • shared bedroom (1-3 people)
  • shared bathroom (1-3 people)

1 person -
until 29 Feb
early bird: 1475

1 person -
from 1 March: €1575

Payment Options

- Pay directly in full now

- Pay 30% now and transfer the rest until the 15th of October

- Pay 30% now and the rest upon arrival in cash

If you’d like to discuss payment options further, please email info@quintaalgarve.com.

Your Guides

Gitta Durga Wick - The Yoga Teacher

With over 20 years of dedicated practice and leading countless yoga classes and teacher trainings, Gitta Durga Wick is a highly qualified yoga teacher offering a unique and transformative approach to trauma-sensitive yoga. Her unexpected introduction to yoga in a Berlin club marked the beginning of a life-altering journey that saved her from destructive habits and led to a more holistic, self-loving lifestyle.

As a DJ, NLP Trainer, Yoga Vidya Yoga Acharya, Meditation Teacher and more, Gitta brings a multifaceted perspective to her teachings, specializing in anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma. Rooted in the Sivananda tradition, her classes blend playfulness with concentration, encouraging practitioners to explore their bodies and minds through creative play and personal intention.

Gitta's holistic approach embraces the ups and downs of life, teaching that yoga won't suddenly solve all your problems or eliminate life’s challenges but that it can provide tools to navigate through them. Her teachings embody love, trust, self-compassion and self-empowerment, fostering a safe, playful, respectful (and fun!) space for personal growth. She supports students in finding their unique teaching style, cultivating creativity and fostering the deep knowing that each individual is their own guru.

Join Gitta on a transformative journey where every step is an exploration of your true, authentic self. A journey she started herself over two decades ago.

Frank Peschke - The Sound Healer

Frank Peschke is a highly skilled musician and seasoned guide in sound healing, blending his expertise in classic instruments like clarinet, flute, gongs, and drums seamlessly into transformative sound healing practices. Attaining Reiki Master status in 2017 through intensive training in India, Frank brings a unique fusion of musical and spiritual knowledge to his teachings.

With a degree in social work and extensive experience in team building, Frank is not just passionate about his work; he's a qualified instructor who knows how to effectively share his knowledge. Based at Quinta Algarve in Portugal, Frank has established a serene Sound-dome where numerous immersive sound journeys unfold. In these, participants experience deep relaxation, guided by harmonious, gentle and powerful vibrations that activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms and foster a profound connection between sound and overall well-being.

Frank's approach invites participants to relax, let go, and delve into the transformative power of sound. Whether you're a beginner or looking to deepen your understanding of sound healing, Frank's genuine passion for sound healing and guiding others, position him as an outstanding and approachable teacher in this field.

Join Frank on this sonic exploration, where each note resonates with the promise of self-discovery and healing.

YACEP Certification

This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance. If you currently hold a Yoga Alliance qualification (200 hour or more), this training can count towards 50 hours of continued education.

Your body, mind and soul are saying YESSS, please?

Then, come, join us!

If you have any remaining questions or doubts, jump on an info call with us or email info@quintaalgarve.com.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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