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In the Quinta Algarve, in addition to a quiet night and the slowed-down way of life, you can also enjoy various recreational activities. Our additional offers should make your vacation in Portugal even more relaxing and contribute to your personal well-being. In addition to what the Quinta has to offer, the region and the mountains around Monchique offer additional opportunities to make your stay in Portugal as relaxing as possible.



You can indulge yourself with a soothing massage on the Quinta Algarve all year round. Relax and recover with our holistic forms of therapy and let go of the stress and everyday life - whether with a full-body, foot reflexology or intensive back massage. Enjoy the rest and relaxation and let our masseurs pamper you. The treatments can be conveniently booked and paid for on site.



Reiki means "universal life energy" which is contained in people, animals, plants and the entire universe. The word Reiki is made up of the words rei (spirit / soul) and ki (the Chinese chi - life energy) and is also known as Chi or Prana in other parts of the world. Frank, the owner of the Quinta Algarve, can pass on this energy as a channel through the initiation as a Reiki Master. By laying on hands, blockages can be released and the energy can flow more freely again.



The sound massage is a very gentle and yet effective method in which the sound instruments are partially placed on the body. It leads to a meditative state in which tension, inner unrest and stress can be wonderfully released. The massage is carried out with clothes, whereby the vibrations of the various sound instruments are transmitted to the body. They penetrate, spread soothingly and massage gently, as if from within. The vibrations can release tension, they contribute to the natural self-regulation of the body, the energy system and to mental relaxation and recovery.

Sound Journey

Dome Quinta Algarve

In the specially built Sound Dome on Quinta Algarve you can immerse yourself in a world of sounds and take part in a sound journey. With the extensive sound instruments, Frank creates sound spaces in the here and now for a journey into your own inner worlds. Listen to the various gongs, singing bowls and other sound instruments and let yourself be brought into deep meditation. Experience a different form of deep relaxation through the gentle vibrations and soothing sounds. With the harmonious interplay, there is time to relax and to let go.

Around the Quinta Algarve


With our offer for relaxation or a trip to the beach, you can also find relaxation in nature around the Quinta Algarve. Enjoy your vacation in Portugal by starting a short hike right after breakfast. The Serra de Monchique, the surrounding region and the mountains around the quinta are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized hikes and exploring the forests. The quinta is located at the foot of the Fóia, the highest mountain in the Algarve. The summit is only 1.5-2 hours away and offers a fantastic view of the south and west coast of Portugal. Let your gaze wander, or decide here which beach to go to next on your vacation.


Excursions to the imposing west coast, the paradisiacal south coast and to cultural places can easily be undertaken on your own and round off the holiday in Portugal. From six participants, guided tours are also offered directly from the quinta.
The Portuguese coast has wide sandy beaches with offshore reefs and unique rock formations. During a walk on the beach in the lonely bays or over the western cliffs, there are breathtaking photo opportunities.
For all-day swimming fun, umbrellas and beach toys are provided on site.

The Algarve and the Alentejo invite you to other excursions such as to Lagos, the famous port city with a colonial history. Or to Sagres, a tiny fishing village where the residents still make a living from boat building and lobster fishing. From there you get to the bare, steep Cabo de São Vicente, the most south-westerly point of Europe.


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